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Dream Line Africa is all about making dreams come true. The Nakwero Women’s Group was formed a few years ago in rural Uganda with the intention of providing economic support for the women who were caretaking for children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. These talented women created baskets, beads, and jewelry in coordination with the Namongongo Fund for Special Children (NFSC), the local organization helping the children.

When the director of Global Goods Foundation in coordination with the director of NFSC visited this group, they were impressed with how the women had improved their lives with more monies. With conversations, it immediately became apparent that these determined women wanted more ways to generate money. They were full of dreams and willing to work hard to make them a reality. With some new product lines and creative ideas using all locally sourced materials, Dream Line Africa was born as a stepping stone to making their dreams come true.

How did some of the women spend their first earnings? Bought a cow to provide fresh milk for their families; Sent their children to school with needed supplies; Improved their homes making them more solid and bought furniture; Installed a water tank so they did not need to go to a communal well; Started a small mud brick making business Now read each women’s profile to learn what her dreams are and how you can help them come true.


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Deborah Minembe is one of the women participating in Dream Line Africa.

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The items featured on this site were created by the women participating in Dream Line Africa.

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