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Namugongo Fund for Special Children (NFSC)

Rosette Serwanga is the founder and executive director of the Namugongo Fund for Special Children (NFSC). Having her family impacted by the AIDS epidemic, Rosette saw the need for so many families to have support. She established NFSC as a child centered, family focused, community based organization supporting the children and households made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in the Namugongo area of Uganda in 2000. She has developed an extensive breakfast program feeding over 1100 children daily, an after school support program, a scholarship program, and a clinic servicing children and adults. There is much more as the NFSC mission provides not only education and health services but also liaisons with social services and develops strategic partnerships to support and advocate in many areas.

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The Global Goods Foundation

A chance encounter in Tanzania in the late 1990ís connected Jacquie Rodgers and Amon Elisha inspiring Jacquie to provide a university sponsorship for Amon and ultimately to the beginning of the Global Goods Foundation. As a teacher and lifelong traveler, Jacquie knew the power of education and the challenge for many in underdeveloped countries to access school. By importing handmade, fair trade products, Global Goods raises funds to support education globally and locally. A speaking and fundraising program was developed for local schools so that students can become involved in community service programs with Global Goods. As many of the artisans creating products are women who are working hard to support and care for their families, Jacquie has seen firsthand the changes that are made when women have some economic empowerment.

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Dream Line Africa

When Rosette and Jacquie met, they knew that they were of like minds. Global Goods started supporting NFSC with fundraising, and Rosette brought back some paper bead products that the women in Uganda were making. When Rosette wanted to increase the opportunities for the women (now formed into the Nakwero Womenís Group), she asked Jacquie to help develop more products and marketing opportunities. After several trips to Uganda together, Dream Line Africa was established.


Profile Highlight

Listed below are a few of the artisans participating in Dream Line Africa. The products on this site were created by these women and others.

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