Artisan Products


Listed below are a few bracelets our artisans have created.

Paper Bowls Photo 1

Paper Bowls

The women of Nakwero and Dream line Africa make exquisite bowls crafted from rolled papers. The colors are lovely blended in coordinating colors or multicolor. The bowls can be used for holding little desk items, jewelry, keys, etc., but not for wet items or unwrapped food. While they are durable, they do not like water and need to be surface cleaned with a damp cloth. These bowls come in three sizes.


Paper Bowls Photo 2  

Woven Sisal Bowls Photo 1

Woven Sisal Bowls with African Fabric

With the colorful African fabric woven through the traditional sisal basket, these bowls become a work of art. These fabrics are used for the traditional Ugandan women’s dresses and remind us of the impact these bowls can have when they become a source of economic improvement. These can be washed with a damp cloth but do not like too much water. Suitable for use as a storage container but lovely just as a decoration.


Woven Sisal Bowls Photo 2  

Small Sisal Bowls with Beads Photo 1

Small Sisal Bowl with Beads

These tightly woven, thin weave sisal baskets are encrusted with a rim of glass beads. Delicate and small, these stunning bowls require much patience and time to create. We have limited colors but what we have is gorgeous.



Mini Peace Baskets Photo 1

Mini Peace Baskets

Small replicas of Rwandan peace baskets created after the genocide to foster new partnerships in the wake of devastation and hatred. They represent generosity, compassion, and forgiveness. Traditionally they have been used to carry wedding gifts to the new couple. They are made from a delicate small sisal fiber in basic colors and come with a small string hanger.  Suitable for a holiday decoration or a container for any small item reminding us all of our shared humanity.






Artisan Products

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We hope to set up the site to sell the artisan products seen within this site. At this time, the site only highlights the items created by the women of Nakwero. If you have questions about the products, please contact us.