Artisan Products


Listed below are a few necklaces our artisans have created.

Stretch Necklace Photo 1

Stretch Necklace/Bracelet

These colorful, versatile stretchy beads are easy to wear on your neck or wrapped around your wrist. You can buy a few to bunch them, wrap them, or keep it simple with one. These are tiny colored glass beads some mixed with a few small paper beads on a stretchy string. We’ve seen them worn as an anklet also. These are our most popular item.

$8.00 each

2 for $15 or

3 for $20

Stretch Necklace Photo 2  

Paper Bead Necklaces Photo 1

Paper Bead Necklaces

Our paper beads are made by rolling small strips of paper then coating them for protection. The women string them on strong plastic wire to create unique, one of a kind necklaces. A colorful array of these beads on a necklace adds just the right accessory for your outfit while telling the world that you are supporting women in their journey toward economic empowerment. We have these in various lengths and sizes, with some predominant colors and beautiful multicolors.


Extra Long


Only chunky sized beads are displayed.

More photos of different bead sizes will be posted soon.





Artisan Products

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Commerce Policies

We hope to set up the site to sell the artisan products seen within this site. At this time, the site only highlights the items created by the women of Nakwero. If you have questions about the products, please contact us.