Artisan Products

Dream Line Africa showcases the work of the women of Nakwero. Various products such as jewelry, plates, dolls, and other hand-made objects are posted in this section of the website. If you have want to know more about the artisans, please visit the profiles page. If you have a question regarding the products seen on this website, please visit our contact page.


Necklaces Bracelets Baskets



Paper Bowls/Baskets



Below are a few photographs showing the process of creating one of the items that the women create.


One of the women begins to create a paper bead.


Here is the paper bead when it is finished.


This photograph show the process of creating a basket.

Dream Line Africa—
Commerce Policies

We hope to set up the site to sell the artisan products seen within this site. At this time, the site only highlights the items created by the women of Nakwero. If you have questions about the products, please contact us.