Artisan Profiles

Annette Mukiibi

Photo HereAnnette, one of the founding members of the Nakwero Women's Group, is very determined and hard-working.  We usually meet at her home where she cooks delicious meals for us all. She has already bought a dining room set, a water tank and is paying her children’s school fees. Her major goals now are to see all of her four children through university or technical school so that they will reach their goals. Last year she started a poultry project and built a new building for chickens. She wants to expand this and be able to sell wholesale. Another dream is to renovate her home and to upgrade it. When she has realized these dreams, her last one is to buy her own car to be able to “cruise along helping friends with a lift”.


Olivia Namatovu

Olivia is quite new to the project. She is very busy taking care of her five children and dreams of all her children going to school as she would be able to pay all their school fees. She already owns land and wants to focus on farming. She dreams of having a small scale piggery and a poultry project. Her most important  dream right now is to be able to sell her pigs and chickens so as to provide for her children's needs and school fees.


Leticia Nabukalu

Photo HereLeticia is the daughter of Annette Mukiibi and has been learning to make some of the beautifully crafted  items. She is finishing high school and then hopes to go to the university to earn a degree in business studies with a specialty in entrepreneurship. She is an ambitious young woman and wants to have her own business and to employ others. She dreams of being successful with her business and to have a good life.


Ritar Ndagire

Photo HereThe lovely mother of four young children, Rita is new to the Nakwero Women's Group. As she has not earned any money yet, she has many dreams of buying land, building a home, and taking care of her children. She loves poultry and perhaps will start a small scale poultry project with her earnings. She dreams of flying to America and other countries to see what life is like there. She enjoys making crafts and hopes to become a businesswoman with her crafts. She is a happy woman with a strong curiosity about the world.


Speciosa Nabakooza

Photo HereWhile Speciosa is new to the Nakwero Women's Group, she is hopeful with the excitement of possibilities.  She has four young children and is now dreaming about making some money of her own. As she is already a hairdresser, she wants to start her own salon. She also dreams of buying land and building houses to rent out as a real estate investment. She dreams of buying her own car sometime and learning to drive. Most of all Specioza wants to take care of her children.


Olivia Najemba

Photo HereOlivia is the eldest of the Nakwero Women's Group. She has nine children and is now taking care of some of her grandchildren full-time. Some of the purchases she has already made with her earnings are a cell phone, some needed household items, and school fees for some of the children. Her dream now is to keep livestock, specifically rabbits.  She believes the market is ready to sell rabbits as they are a good food source in Uganda. As she already owns her land, she will be able to do this on a large scale if she has more money.


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