Artisan Profiles

Hanifa Nagawa

Photo HereHanifa has many responsibilities with 12 children she cares for.  She likes to weave mats and would like to make more items so that she will be able to realize her dreams. Looking lovely in her traditional dress, Hanifa  dreams of developing a farming project possibly growing mushrooms or having a poultry project or raising cows. She has worked with agriculture and livestock in the past and feels that she could manage it better now that some of her children are older.


Betty Nabayemba

Photo HereWith a full set of beautiful curls, Betty has a quiet presence.  She is the mother of five children and sadly, her husband has passed away. Her dream is to buy land for her children. While she is a new member of the Nakwero Women’s Group, she has not yet seen the transformative power of her own income. She hopes to be able to pay school fees so that her five children do not drop out of school. Dream Line Africa is her major income for her everyday needs and her dreams.


Miriam Babirye

Photo HereMiriam is the Nakwero Women's Group youngest member at only 16 years old with a quiet presence. Her mother is Deborah Mirembe (Super Nalongo) who has taught her how to make many of the beautiful products.  She has been paying  her own school fees with her earnings already. Miriam has many dreams such as to have a passport and to travel to America, Tanzania, and other countries. Education is very important to her as she wants to go to a university to become a doctor.


Jalia Katamba

Photo HereA new group member, Jalia has dreams of livestock farming. She has six children and is hoping to develop a business raising sheep and chickens to sell. With her money, she can begin to buy the livestock as she and her husband already own their own land and home. Her husband is very supportive of her dream and will pay for the vet bills when she first starts. She has a few sheep now and treasures them giving them human and clan names something quite unusual in Uganda.


Hadijjah Mantongo

Photo HereHadijjah has many dreams for her life. She is an intelligent, organized young woman with a great sense of humor. She has much patience as she has taught Jacquie how to make the paper beads.  She has already bought a cow for her mother, and dreams of having a cow of her own to help feed her family of five children. Hadijjah is very ambitious and determined, and dreams of having a store to sell household goods.  She wants to support her children to realize their dreams of education and a good life. She dreams of helping her parents as they age. She wants to work hard and maybe own her own car someday.


Deborah Mirembe

Photo HereDeborah is a soft spoken talented artisan and has been with the women's group since it started.  She is known as Supernalongo which reflects her unique situation as the mother of three sets of twins.  She is a single parent of six children as well as caring for two others.  With her earnings, the children attend better schools and there is more money for clothing, food, and medical needs.  She also has rented some land to create a brickmaking business. She dreams of seeing her children through school to whatever level they want.  She dreams of finishing construction of her new home and to have a workshop of her own. Deborah would like to learn how to drive a car someday.

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