Artisan Profiles

Juliet Mazzi

Photo HereJuliet is a beautiful mother of five children.  She is quiet and soft spoken. She has used the money she has already earned to invest in some pigs for livestock farming.  This money has paid the school fees for her children.  She dreams of buying a plot of land for her pigs so as to acquire more and to expand her investment in homes to rent.  She has many dreams including having a water tank and a cow for her children to have milk on a regular basis. She states that her whole family is very supportive of her dreams.


Olivia Nalwanga

Olivia stands out with a beautiful hairstyle, and her dreams are reflective of this. She is young and new to the Nakwero Women's Group, but determined to reach her dreams. She wants to earn enough money to go for vocational training as a hairdresser. When she accomplishes this, she dreams next of owning her own salon. She has a delightful style already and hopes for success with her business in the future.


Sarah Nanyonga

Photo HereSarah is a petite mother of two daughters with some very practical dreams. She is new to the women's group and excited to earn money for her family. Her dream is to buy some land to construct her own home. Her face shines when she talks about her dreams of education for her daughters. She wants them to have a vocational education in order to develop specific skills with which they could be self-employed. She feels that girls are easily exploited sexually when they have a boss and does not want this for her daughters. She and her husband agreed that a university degree is good but they want their daughters to be independent with their own businesses.


Christine Nabisere

Photo HereChristine has a passion for education and is a certified nursery school teacher. She has three children and many big dreams for herself and her family. She already has used her earnings to set up a small business selling agricultural products from her garden. Christine has also applied her earnings to start a small-scale poultry project. She dreams first of owning her own land and then being able to construct a home for her family. She smiles with hope and excitement when she talks about her very big dream of building her own school.


Esther Nampela

Photo HereEsther is a loving mother to three children and one granddaughter. She has a quiet and warm face showing her patience and strength. She has used the money earned in the cooperative to add to her savings so that she could buy a plot of land. As they are still renting a home, her dream is to build her own home on their own plot of land. Her dreams of having a solid home for all of her family and grandchildren are of utmost importance to Esther. She wants to have enough money to take care of her children and grandchildren.


Deborah Namsubuga

Photo HereDeborah is soft spoken with a reserve determination to improve her life.  She has used her earnings to buy pigs for her business of livestock farming.  Deborah has invested the profits into education by paying the school fees for her five children.  She begins to smile as she talks about her dreams of expanding her livestock business to buy land and needed items for her home. She has a vision of developing another successful business to improve her family's life as they grow older.

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